Stored Procs

Compositions can be instantly deployed as custom endpoints, turning proc into a fully extensible platform for custom backends, devops tools, scripts—anything you need.

Stored procs are managed through the proc package. Compositions are deployed to a new endpoint with proc.create. Once deployed, stored procs are callable through the lib namespace.

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Deploying a composition that says hello
require "proc"

client = Proc.connect("PROCAUTH")
const Proc = require("");
const client = Proc.connect("PROCAUTH");
authorization=PROCAUTH "v7ce8b24") do
end, v7ce8b24, () => {
  return client.core.echo.with("hello");
curl "" --silent \
--header "authorization: bearer $authorization" \
--header "content-type: application/vnd.proc+json" \
--header "accept: text/plain" \
--data '[["$$", "proc", ["{}", ["()", "core.echo", [">>", ["%%", "hello"]]]]]]'

curl "" --silent --request POST \
--header "authorization: bearer $authorization" \
--header "content-type: text/plain"


Requirements for Stored Proc Names

Proc names must be alphanumeric, with exceptions made for the following characters: .. Names are limited to a length of 64 characters, must start with a letter, and must end with a letter or number.

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