Usage Limits

Proc applies a handful of usage limits to all accounts.

Free accounts have access to all procs with the following limitations:

  • API access is limited to 20 calls per minute.
  • Storage is limited to 5 MiB or 10,000 keys.

Proc Pro is limited to 100 api requests per second, but this is considered a soft limit. If you think you might hit this limit, email us and let's talk about your use-case. We're willing to accomodate your needs.

The following limitations apply to all accounts:

  • Request bodies are limited to a size of 128 KiB.
  • Proc calls are limited to 5 MiB of working memory.
    • Data you provide as input count against this limit, but internal overhead does not.
  • Proc calls are limited to a duration of 5 seconds.

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