Billing Details

Proc is free to use up to the free-tier limits.

Proc Pro starts at $5/month and covers 5 credits worth of usage every month. Each credit covers up to 1 million compute units, 5 GiBs of bandwidth, or 1 GiB of storage. Usage beyond 5 credits is billed at a flat rate of $1 per credit. Total usage is always rounded up to the next whole credit.

Compute Units

Each proc call costs a fraction of a credit—one compute unit is defined as one millionth of a credit.

Here are some examples of how compute units are calculated:

  • keyv.* procs cost 0.000005C per call, or 5 compute units.
  • type.* procs cost 0.000001C per call, or 1 compute unit.

Procs that don't do work on their own, such as enum.*, are free to call.


Bandwidth is billed at 1C per 5 GiB. Note that you are only billed for egress—ingress is free.


Storage is billed at 1C per GiB/month, based on maximum usage for the month.

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