Superpowers to help you ship web endpoints faster.

Proc is an all-in-one toolchain for building, deploying, and calling custom behavior from any website or app.

Build custom behavior

Easily compose procs from our standard library into the custom behavior you need for your project.

Procs for every need

The Proc Standard Library defines ~66 procs across 9 packages. Find procs for transforming values, doing math, data persistence, and more.

Fully native composition

Compose behavior through a client library from the language you work in every day. We support JavaScript and Ruby, with more to come.

Development for everyone

Proc is designed to make coding more productive for all skill levels. We handle the details so you can stay focused on your big idea.

Deploy in milliseconds

Instantly deploy your behavior to a private endpoint in our platform—from zero to production in a snap.

Zero maintenance

Proc is a fully managed serverless platform—deploy an endpoint and we'll keep it running. No more maintenance, no more headaches.

Stable infrastructure

The Proc stack is hosted on top of Google Cloud Platform—the same infrastructure used by some of the biggest companies in tech.

Free to host

Proc endpoints are free to host. You are billed a predictable usage fee when an endpoint is called based on its use of the standard library.

Use from anywhere

Call your behavior through a simple web request or client library from any app or website.

Fully extensible

Deployed behavior can be used just like any proc in the standard library. Call your behavior directly or use it in more complex compositions.

Always secure

Your deployed behavior is private by default and protected with a limited security model that gives you fine-grained access control.



keyv.transform(key: "clicks") {
something went wrong :(

More Proc Features

Composable RPC

Procs are simple functions called through an HTTP API. The Proc API is fully composable, allowing complex behavior to be specified at call time.

Key-Value Data Store

Persist documents, collections, and simple values. Expire values or transform them in place, and define fine-grained access using limited keys.

Secure By Default

Proc endpoints are private by default and require explicit access. Support any use-case by issuing api keys limited to the abilities you define.

Start shipping faster with a free account.

Proc Free Everything a small project needs. Free
  • Full access to all packages
  • Community support
Free accounts include:
  • 1,000 compute units per hour
  • 5 MiB key-value data storage
  • 1 GiB bandwidth per month
Proc Pro More power for production use. $5/month + usage
  • Full access to all packages
  • Covers $5 of usage every month
  • Community support
Scale with usage-based billing:
  • 1 million compute units $1
  • 1 GiB key-value data storage $1
  • 5 GiB bandwidth $1

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